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The serious personal, social and economic impacts of stress and sleep issues continue to escalate across all major global economies - impacting the wellbeing of countless millions worldwide and costing hundreds of billions annually in related healthcare costs and lost productivity.

Our Sleep Solutions mobile app offers effective, evidence-based medical grade assistance for Stress and Sleep Management making it a potentially disruptive digital audio health technology with unparalleled

ease & speed of deployment  

 simplicity of use 

proven efficacy 

cost efficiency &




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We are pleased to offer companies, government departments, institutions and charities a range of purchase, distribution, sales or fundraising options for bringing Sleep Solutions to their workforce, organisation, clients or customers.

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For Your Organisation
If you represent a company, workers union, government department, university, hospital etc., we can deliver Sleep Solutions to your entire workforce, membership or client base simply, rapidly and affordably - helping you to

*  Improve the welfare of your members or clients

*  Fulfill legal Health and Safety obligations

*  Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism

*  Enhance organisational culture

*  Optimise productivity 

Sleep Solutions is the first of an exciting new set of products that are to be released under the banner of WorkSmartTM - our initiative to foster wellness and productivity in workplaces and educational institutions around the world. 
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About Us

For Your Charity or Fundraiser

If you represent an established charity or not-for-profit we can discuss possible collaborations that allow you to raise funds by offering the exceptional benefits of Sleep Solutions to your members.
We look forward to discussing options that may best meet your needs. 
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To enquire about any of these opportunities for your organisation or health practice, please contact us using the form below:



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