Want a well-balanced kid? Give them a guitar.

Research conducted by the University of Vermont has found that musical training and appreciation could help children and teenagers focus their attention, control their emotions and diminish their anxiety.


Sleep Connecting Hemispheres

In case you didn’t have enough reasons to make sure your kids get a healthy night’s sleep, researchers have shown via EEGs that while children sleep, connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain strengthen by up to 20%.

Although the effect of this is unknown, researchers believe it to be strong evidence of brain maturation, allowing for children’s brains to grow more rapidly.


Sleep Boosts Kids' Academic Performance

Getting your kids to sleep at a regular, consistent hour can be tedious for parents, yet studies demonstrate that an efficient sleep can hold tremendous learning advantages for children.  ‘Sleep efficiency’ is a gauge of sleep quality that compares the amount of actual sleep with the total time spent in bed.


Environmental Sedation!

Your anxiety may have a far greater effect than you anticipated.

One of the leading anxiety medications, Diazepam, has been detected in potentially harmful amounts across river systems in the UK, and is already believed to be changing the natural behaviour of marine life.


Good Sleep = Good Memory

For many of us, our dreams often pertain to what we have seen or been thinking about just before we fall asleep. It seems that this can be used as a learning advantage according to a new study by University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein. The study involved showing healthy children and adults various emotional inducing pictures in the evening, monitoring their brain activity while they slept, then testing their recollections in the morning.


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