PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: I have X Y Z condition/problem - can NeuroSonica help?

Our customer support staff are not healthcare professionals and DO NOT provide medical or psychological advice or diagnosis of any kind - including product recommendations for clients. Therefore we cannot answer these kinds of questions.

However, our products do provide regulated information regarding instructions for use, contraindications, certain evidence based claims, safety warnings and so on.


(1) Read our regulated claims to decide if a product may be of assistance.

(2) Try our free 'Mini-D-Stress' for an introduction to this kind of technology.

For medical or psychological advice always refer to your healthcare practitioner.

What is 'Parental Supervision' for 13-18 year olds?

As one of our pre-purchase conditions for Sleep Solutions responsible parental (or legal guardian) supervision is required for teenagers 13-18 years. This is a way of ensuring our audio is used only as instructed and in strict accordance with our Contraindications and other Terms & Conditions. Our audio is not available for purchase by those under 18 years.

Children's audio?

 Children's audio?

We are considering future audio for children 7-12 (not toddlers or infants at this stage).  We are primarily interested in assisting with children's sleep, ADD/ADHD, emotional regulation  and  stress/anxiety management. We will alert our customers should this become available.Clinicians have been using clinical sound technologies including entrainment safely and successfully with children for decades. We have found no evidence to date suggesting any detrimental effects whatsoever - only benefits. Experts suggest that therapeutic audio technologies are far more gentle and benign than most pharmaceutical interventions. 

"I am not aware of any studies showing detrimental effects of entrainment at any age" Dr Steven Worringham, MD, Psychiatrist

I suffer from headaches and migraines. Should I use your audio?


In many instances, yes! Clinical trials have shown that some of the technologies we use may be effective in the alleviation of tension headaches - and in some cases, migraine. Although you might not want to listen during an episode (unless very quietly), listening as instructed at other times has helped  users as reported in our testimonials. The exception however may be headaches related to neurological damage and injury in which case, consult with a medical professional first.

Can I play your audio through external speakers or should I use headphones only?

Can I play your audio through external speakers or should I use headphones only?

It has not been designed for external speaker use. Please use stereo headphones, good quality ear buds or stereo speaker pillows (with your head in the middle). Bone conduction headphones can also be used if you have hearing issues or want to experience even stronger effects.

What if I notice early improvements and/or stop using it?

What if I notice early improvements and/or stop using it?

This is up to you. Some users report noticeable improvements very quickly. If you're happy with your results and do not feel a need for further use you can simply stop. You can always begin listening again anytime you wish to resume the benefits. As a rule however, regular use may encourage  ongoing changes and improvements.

Can SmartSound help improve hearing?

Can SmartSound help improve hearing?

We do not make this claim. However, ancedotal reports of hearing improvements in the higher frequencies have been reported, including for a senior as noted by their  audiologist. If so, it may be simply that the audio has heightened a listener's sensitivity to frequencies that they previously filtered out or did not pay attention to. There may be other theories and possible explanations as to how this may occur as well. If you do experience hearing improvements please tell us!

I have some hearing loss. Will your audio work for me?

Yes - providing you have at least some degree of hearing, benefits should take place. Obviously you may need to regulate volume levels accordingly. Also, you may enhance your experience by using bone conduction headphones.

How long before I experience effects or results?

How long before I experience effects or results?

Most people notice or feel 'something' happening in their very first sessions - and often within the first few minutes! Our audio may produce both short and long term benefits depending on your level of use, your sensitivity to this kind of technology and so on. If you have a longstanding condition or issue  we recommend you persist for at least 90 days to encourage maximum results.

I'm pregnant. Can I use your audio?

I'm pregnant. Can I use your audio?

We've found no research suggesting any problems using therapeutic sound technologies for pregnant women. However, as a precaution, consult with a physician before using our audio to ensure you have no contraindications. The good news is, a deeply relaxed mum listening to a relaxation or sleep  session should encourage a deeply relaxed baby as well.

Are there any side-effects or initial adjustments?

For a very small percentage of users there may be. Like any 'workout' some new users may experience initial adjustments and minor side-effects from the sound stimulation. These may include temporary feelings of tiredness, disorientation, dizziness or even slight nausea from vestibular stimulation during a session. The good news is, these can be ameliorated or eliminated simply by using very low volumes. In the highly unlikely event you experience any severe discomfort or reactions discontinue use immediately and see a healthcare professional.

“Since there is no synthetic substance entering the system, there is little chance of producing harmful or upsetting side effects, or of producing addiction. In that sense, the use of brain tech to naturally produce biochemical changes seems preferable to the use of pharmaceuticals.” Dr. Emily L. Stevens (2002)

Why is it not recommeded for those with pacemakers, epilepsy or seizures?

This is a standard safeguard as these devices and conditions can be pulse or frequency sensitive. Use of our audio by those prone to eplilepsy/seizures is strictly contraindicated unless under the supervision and guidance of a suitably qualified medical practitoner. If you are wearing a pacemaker or similar device, please consult with your healthcare professional before using our audio.


I have brain trauma or injury. Will NeuroSonica help?

Like epilepsy, brain trauma or injury (TBI) of any kind is strictly contraindicated unless you are under the supervision and guidance of an appropriate medical professional.

General Disclaimer: NeuroSonica SmartSound™ products are included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a Class 1 Medical Device. Individual results will vary. Contraindications and age restrictions apply. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional. If you have any contraindicated conditions including  serious medical, psychological or psychiatric conditions, are susceptible to seizures or have any other neurological or neurorespiratory conditions consult with an appropriate healthcare professional before using our products. If you experience any unpleasant or adverse effects discontinue use immediately and consult your health care provider. We do not render any form of medical, psychological or psychiatric advice. All Website and social media content of NeuroSonica, our affiliates or third parties, are for educational  purposes only. The buyer/user agrees that NeuroSonica, its affiliates and/or third parties are in no way liable to you or anyone else for any loss or damage, however caused (and whether direct, indirect, consequential or economic) which may be directly or indirectly suffered in connection with the use of our products, this Website or websites of other entities linked to it. It is a pre-purchase condition that the buyer/user of our products agrees to assume full responsibility thereof and to abide by any and all terms and conditions concerning their use. Use only as instructed - NEVER while under the influence of drugs of any kind, using other devices that may affect brainwave activity, operating machinery or equipment, driving or any other potentially hazardous activities. This general disclaimer is not restricted or modified by any additional specific warnings or disclaimers.

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