Clarity, Alertness and Creativity

“Almost at once, I noticed a general improvement in my mental alertness and general state of wellbeing. Within days of listening for the first time, I could think more clearly and creatively.  Problems seemed less overwhelming, and more easily understood and solved...I do believe the NeuroSonica listening sessions worked for me.”

Dr. M. Galvin: Associate Professor



Surprisingly effective for inflight turbulence and sleep

"When I saw NeuroSonica tracks on the flight I was skeptical at first, as the market is full of soundtracks that supposedly help you to relax. They were not helpful to me in the past... to my surprise, it didn't just help me relax and take the turbulence easier, it helped me to fall asleep, which lasted for several hours. I became interested in NeuroSonica's products after that experience."

Yulia Nattrass


Sleep help while travelling

"I use NeuroSonica's sleep track when I am travelling and have difficulty sleeping in a hotel makes me fall asleep like a baby, which means I wake up well rested and energised for my talk the next day! The sleep track has become a mandatory travel accessory for me"

Dr Stefanie Williams, Medical Director

European Dermatology London


At last I can sleep Inflight!

"I had trouble sleeping, especially when travelling on duty. I did listen to your sleep audio on Emirates flights 3 times, and I fell asleep in just 5 minutes and woke up refreshed. Now I can even sleep in my break. My feedback for the whole set is 10 out of 10!" 

J. P.  Flight Attendant


"I gave it a try and man did it help"

We discovered NeuroSonica during an incredibly stressful time - we had moved to New Jersey from North Carolina to “circle the wagons” around our little family as my brother-in-law had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  My sister worked full-time while caring for him and tried to be mom & dad to their only child who deserved a nurturing, as-normal-as-possible upbringing in the midst of this hell. My wife became debilitatingly ill with something it took doctors 8 months to diagnose (mycotoxicity - she was allergic to the chestnut log cabin we were living in!)  She was in and out of the hospital on a monthly basis, doctors couldn’t help her and she was dying before my eyes. 

Insomnia Relief - Without Pharmaceuticals

“To my delight N-Sleeper has greatly improved the length and quality of my sleep and this in turn has boosted my confidence, mood and performance in my waking life. For me this method is far preferable to any pharmaceutical solution, and I strongly recommend anyone with sleeping problems to try this brilliant product.”

J. Morton: Health Care Professional


Outstanding Quality

"I have tested NeuroSonica Smartsound, and as an expert I can say it is of outstanding quality".

T.Carter, MSc, Swiss Gov. Lecturer in Pysch. & Comm.


High Blood Pressure Normalised in 15 Mins

“I've been listening to Holosync and other ordinary entrainment audio for years but nothing comes close to NeuroSonica. It's definitely a far superior technology, sounds fantastic and is much more effective. My blood pressure a few days ago was 161/108, which is pretty high. After listening to a relaxation  session for about 15 mins, I tested it again and it was 137/89, which is normal. What a great product! I can choose a session to just relax or stimulate my brain all in the same suite.”

C. Wingate: Businessman, Journalist


An Educational Aid

"As an ex-school principal and a senior educational consultant with experience in various brain technologies, I think NeuroSonica is unique and unparalleled. It is wonderfully effective, easy to use and offers enormous potential in the fields of education, special education and human behaviour particularly." 

 John T. Corrie: B. Spec. Ed. , Dip T. Primary, TC Fullbright Scholar


Headache Relief - after doctors, x-rays,optometry and naturopaths

"I wanted to write to thank you for the fantastic product you have developed.  I bought the neurosonica stress/anxiety suite for my daughter who after many visits to doctors, x-rays, CT scans, physio, optometry and naturopathy was told that she is a headache sufferer, should continue to take pain killers (none of which alleviated the pain anyway) and learn to live with the headaches.  I bought the suite in the hope that it would help her to deal with the headaches but to my surprise and delight within 2 weeks of listening to the tracks both the frequency and intensity of the headaches decreased.  She continues to listen to the tracks regularly and now instead of debilitating headaches that last for days she has occasional mild headaches which she treats successfully by listening to a relaxation track at bed time.  We now have our happy, healthy, life loving daughter back... no more pain killers, no more pushing through the pain to get through the day.   Thank you.

As an unexpected bonus the product has also transformed my sleep.  When I was setting the programme up on the lap top I trialled it for a few days myself.  I clearly remember the astonishment I felt when I woke up in the morning of the third day of listening to the relaxation track at bed time.  I couldn’t remember going to sleep and I couldn’t remember waking in the night.  I had taken for granted my sleeping pattern of taking hours to get sleep and waking regularly throughout the night, to me it was normal. I had no idea that sleep could be so refreshing... Thank you again".

Sandra  B. Spec. Ed., Dip. T.