Relaxing and Refreshing - At The Same Time

"I am particularly impressed with your NeuroSonica programme. Its effect upon me has been both relaxing and refreshing - at the same time! I have come to appreciate the truly scientific manner in which these sounds have been composed, blended and arranged... and I find myself being able to "switch off" from the noise and distraction. I shall definitely be taking it with me on future flights. Your products should be made available on all in-flight entertainment systems".

Dr. W. Raymont, PhD, MSc (Tech Comm), MNYAS


Help for Menopause and Insomnia 

“I have recently been playing the quick relaxation and gentle relaxation tracks before I sleep at night and I have been sleeping so much better. I have hit the menopause years when lots of women find their sleeping patterns altered - mine has been no exception. I have also been able to cut down significantly on medications to help me sleep - which of course has financial as well as physiological benefits. I would definitely recommend others to give it a go.”

Karen: Registered Nurse


Great Value - Multiple Uses and Benefits

"I work in the health and wellbeing industry and have trialed many products over the years including all forms of relaxation, meditation and so called 'brain audio'. Unlike any I've ever heard, Neurosonica is in a class of its own and stands out as the most unique, effective and helpful. It also sounds fantastic which is an added bonus! I believe it's the first major breakthrough in scientific therapeutic audio in decades and with so many different uses and benefits it's got to be one of the best value, exciting new wellbeing products in the market."

J. White: Director Bio-Tech Hygiene


Improved Sleep, Relaxation and Professional Performance

“ I am a person who uses audio and meditation type CD's and I have found Neurosonica excellent in assisting me relax, de-stress and sleep better.  I have noticed I am also more calm, relaxed and be able to function better in my professional role as an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker when counselling clients.  There is a clear difference in this audio compared to the average quiet, reflective music. I can't help but notice how intricate the music & sounds are; focussing on the left/right brain, alpha & beta waves (all new language to me) and it is clear there has been a lot of work, study and research gone into the development of Neurosonica.  My wife is travelling through menopause which can have negative effects on sleep and she has noticed her sleeping pattern has improved and is keen to continue using Neurosonica.   I would be happy to recommend it to anyone & see how it improves their lives.”  

D. Piro: Clinician & Mental Health Social Worker, Master Clinician - AARC Inc.



Most effective way to reduce mind chatter

"I believe the most effective way to reduce mind chatter and achieve a peaceful state of mind is using the SmartSound technology.This is why I decided to record my visualization processes using this technology, so people can have a successful experience."

Lisa Garr, Host of The Aware Show 

 A Personal Development Perspective

“The product delivers…to chill and energize and generally feel better about yourself and life. I cannot put my finger on it, but they are awesome! On the whole, they just uplifted the spirit in many ways, relaxed it, and made it sharper. At the end of the sessions, I felt blessed and abundant, as if I was in a kinder, richer place. Hard to describe the feeling, but those words come close. Congratulations!” 

D. Cameron-Gikandi: Creative Director of "The Secret"