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What's in SmartSound? 

SmartSound™ is a proprietary 'hybrid' audio technology with over 14 years of R&D.

It has evolved along multi-disciplinary lines, a synthesis informed by psychoacoustics, the arts, music therapy, disciplines including auditory cognitive neuroscience, and hospital-based EEG validation.

SmartSound™ is much easier to experience than explain - which is why we recommend trying our free 'Mini-D-Stress' session. SmartSound™ incorporates a range of evidence-based audio technologies and other elements, including those below.

You can think of these as different 'ingredients' in our sound 'formulas', which work in synergy to produce a variety of effects and benefits.

The exact mechanisms underlying some of these remain subject to ongoing research.

NeuroSonica SmartSound™ includes:


Vestibular auditory stimulation.  You'll enjoy soothing stimulation of your vestibular (balance) system in our sleep and stress management sessions. The vestibular system is associated with many aspects of the sleep network including the regulation of our circadian rhythms. It also plays a fundamental role in rhythm perception.  Clinical studies suggest vestibular stimulation may help improve balance and body awareness, assist with concentration, attention, stress reduction, sleep induction and more. 


Bilateral auditory stimulation.   You'll experience a range of specialized alternating (side-to-side) rhythmic acoustic stimuli. Benefits may include rapid physiological relaxation, a 'distancing' or quietening of intrusive thoughts and other mental activity, and enhanced hemispheric synchronization. Bilateral stimulation (auditory, tactile or visual) is a key component of EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), an evidence-based psychotherapeutic treatment for PTSD and other trauma.


Brainwave synchronisation.  This is a well known pulse-based audio technology, also known as auditory driving or brainwave entrainment, with decades of clinical use, wide ranging benefits and applications. These include assistance for various conditions and issues, in part by helping address certain brainwave imbalances and 'dysrhythmias', encouraging hemispheric balance and more. More about brainwave synchronisation HERE


 '3-D' audio, binaural field recordings. 3-D sound spatialization techniques and technologies are used extensively in SmartSound™. You'll love the deep 'cinematic' immersion, spatial realism and other fascinating psychoacoustic phenomena they produce. Along with ambisonics and other 'surround' formats, we include the licensed use of Holophonics - 'the acoustic equivalent of a hologram', created by pioneer sound engineer Hugo Zuccharelli. 


Amazing Sound Art. SmartSound™ includes 1,000's of carefully curated 'sound bites', musical and otherwise, to enrich and deepen our signature sound experience. And, although we're not a 'music therapy' per se, music provides a non-invasive way to stimulate multiple areas of the brain, and much more besides. (See below).  We'd like to thank the many creative individuals and their platforms, whose royalty free sound art and design, music, and field recordings have helped put 'the art' in SmartSound™! 


SmartSound™ Aesthetics, Complexity, Brain Plasticity and more

When you use our audio, you'll experience the effects and benefits of sound as never before. And, although we prioritise efficacy over aesthetics, we also hope you'll find it entertaining and enjoyable - a unique, functional blend of sound art, music and science.

SmartSound™ is delivered as abstract, therapeutic 'soundscapes'. This allows us to combine our clinical sound technologies with multiple layers of music, environmental ambiences, sound effects and so on. Although every session is different, variations of certain themes and sounds may be used as unifying elements across different soundscapes.

SmartSound™ exploits the fact that the brain actively responds to abstract, novel, complex or unpredictable auditory stimuli. Studies suggest such stimuli engage a great deal more neurological and auditory processing than a predictable or repetitive one, and have been associated with brain plasticity, the formation of new neural connections, increased electrical activity and blood flow, heightened gamma activity and other phenomena.

This kind of complex auditory stimulation may also  provide the listener with a beneficial 'earobic workout'. Exercising the middle ear muscles for example, may be encouraged by the strategic use of contrasting high and low frequencies and other techniques. However, we do not claim to help with hearing loss or other auditory problems.

In addition, SmartSound™ uniquely features some of its clinical sound technologies as 'musical' elements within its soundscapes. This, we believe, greatly enhances their power and efficacy while contributing to a very distinctive listening experience where art and science merge.

You'll also enjoy the benefits of a full, comprehensive frequency spectrum, specially chosen sounds to mask external noise and various other features designed to optimize your experience.

Lastly, and importantly, ongoing use of SmartSound™ does not appear to produce habituation. In fact, many long-term users report it's just as effective now - or even more so, than when they first started.

Music as therapy

Music not only adds pleasurable aesthetics to SmartSound™, but ongoing research confirms it offers exciting therapeutic potentials in and of itself. In fact, various forms of music therapy have already gained medical acceptance over the last decade.

Clinical studies confirm that music produces measurable physiological and neurological responses, stimulates multiple areas of the brain, and helps to encourage, and even restore neuroplasticity.

Researchers in the field of music therapy intervention are finding potential applications for helping autism spectrum disorders, mood disorders including depression, assistance for those with memory disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, and the treatment of substance use disorders. 

Music has also been used successfully for the rhythmic entrainment (synchronization) of motor function to facilitate movement recovery in patients with Parkinson's disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury and cerebral palsy.

The links between music and emotion are very well established, and we've all experienced the range of emotions it can induce. This, and its ability to trigger memories, have exciting potential psychotherapeutic applications.

Interestingly, despite the highly subjective, individual nature of musical tastes, brain scans consistently confirm that the more a listener enjoys a particular piece of music, regardless of what it is, the greater the degree of brain connectivity it produces. And vice-versa - the greater the dislike, the less the connectivity. 

While it's impossible to please all musical tastes, we're sure you'll enjoy many pleasing musical moments in the ever-changing soundscapes of SmartSound™!

 Updates and Improvements

SmartSound™ is a work in progress and remains open to ongoing improvements inspired by new findings and developments as they come to hand.

To this end, we regularly review the latest sound related research, professional forums, technologies and so on, and may update our app sessions accordingly from time to time.

Users can opt for notification when we do, so they can take advantage of the very latest session upgrades at no extra cost.


NeuroSonica - Hearing is Believing

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