The Science


What's in SmartSound? 

Listening to SmartSound you’ll hear (and feel) multiple evidence-based, scientific sound technologies and processes embedded in immersive 3D soundscapes.

In simple terms, your brain and ears get a kind of therapeutic 'sonic massage’ via special sound formulas (algorithms) combining specific frequencies, various forms of rhythmic auditory stimulation, and other clinical sound techniques. The end result is a uniquely dynamic, broad-spectrum sound treatment with multiple effects and benefits.

Shown to promote a range of benefits for your body, brain and mind, SmartSound may assist your daily wellbeing, performance, and resilience.  Its effects and benefits typically increase with ongoing use as your brain adjusts to the stimulation. 

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The Science


You and Your Brainwaves - The Basics

A key function of SmartSound is to gently change (modulate) your brainwaves while you listen.

Depending on the protocols used, this has many potential applications and benefits ranging from enhanced focus and alertness to sleep induction, stress management, and much more.

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The Science


Brainwave Frequencies & Effects 

As is well known, brainwaves can be altered by various extrenal stimuli, including auditory stimulation.

One of the functions of SmartSound is to promote broad-spectrum, evidence-based benefits and effects via the use of rhythmic auditory stimulation and other techniques to stimulate targeted brainwave frequencies.

Those who have tried Mini-D-Stress for example, will have likely have noticed some interesting (and hopefully enjoyable) effects in this regard.

At a glance, here are some of the benefits and functions associated with key brainwave frequencies

  • Gamma: learning, concentration, and self-control 
  • Beta: increased energy levels, focus, alertness and clear thinking
  • Alpha: help with tension headaches, memory, mild-anxiety and creative flow states
  • Theta: may assist emotional processing, deep relaxation, intuition, memory consolidation
  • Delta/sub-delta: may assist pain relief, immune function, healing and deep sleep

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The Science


Beyond Belief

(Do I need to 'believe' to make it work?)

SmartSoundTM is based on applied neuroscience, 100's of peer reviewed clinical studies and evidence-based therapeutic sound technologies - not pseudoscience. 

As a therapeutic tool, it functions independently of beliefs, language, culture, training and so on.

In this sense, SmartSoundTM is literally 'beyond belief'.

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