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Enjoy a World First Medical Sound App for Your Body, Brain and Mind  

Sleep Solutions is powered by NeuroSonica SmartSound™ - a world first medical audio technology included in the Australian Government Register of Therapeutic Goods.


Sleep Solutions provides evidence-based assistance for

Stress and Sleep Management

It may also support general health, wellbeing and cognitive function for optimal performance in

Work, Study, Sport or Play


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Based on leading-edge neuroacoustic research, Sleep Solutions uses scientific SmartSound™ technologies to encourage a range of evidence-based neurological, psychological and physiological benefits - at the touch of a button.

Already used on Emirates and Singapore international airlines for in-flight sleep assistance, NeuroSonica audio is highly recommended by users and has gained the attention of health professionals and academics for its rapid effects and wide-ranging benefits. 

Don't expect low-key relaxation, meditation, or mindfulness audio!  Sleep Solutions is a medical sound treatment designed to deeply relax your mind, brain and body. With regular use as instructed, it may assist in the management of general health and wellbeing, sleep, stress, tension headaches, anxiety relief and more.


A Medical Device

Sleep Solutions is a Class 1 Medical Device 


Sleep Solutions is easy and enjoyable to use - no concentration or other skills are required. Simply play it quietly through stereo headphones (or good quality ear buds) and let our transformative, SmartSoundTM  technologies do the rest.

Sleep Solutions deeply engages your mind, brain and auditory system right from the start.  Like a deep 'sonic massage' you'll feel it working within minutes - and you'll love the way it sounds! 

Sleep Solutions comes with a comprehensive User Guide and other helpful information.

And best of all - you can try a FREE audio sample below! Contraindications and age limits apply.

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 Corporate & Institutional Applications

SmartSound™ products are also ideal for large-scale corporate/institutional wellness initiatives.

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General Disclaimer: NeuroSonica SmartSound™ is included in the Australian Government's Register of Therapeutic Goods as a Class 1 medical device safe for use as instructed. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional. Individual results will vary. Contraindications and age restrictions apply. We do not render medical, psychological or psychiatric advice or diagnosis in any form whatsoever. All Website and social media content of NeuroSonica, our affiliates or third parties, are for educational  purposes only. If you have any contraindicated conditions including  serious medical, psychological or psychiatric conditions, are susceptible to seizures or have any other neurological or neurorespiratory conditions please consult with an appropriate healthcare professional before using our products and proceed only if under their supervision. If you experience any unpleasant or unwanted effects discontinue use immediately. The buyer/user agrees that NeuroSonica, its affiliates and/or third parties are in no way liable to you or anyone else for any loss or damage, however caused (and whether direct, indirect, consequential or economic) which may be directly or indirectly suffered in connection with the use of our products, this Website or websites of other entities linked to it. The buyer/user of our products agrees to assume full responsibility thereof and to abide by any and all terms and conditions concerning their use. Use only as instructed - NEVER while under the influence of drugs of any kind, using other devices that may affect brainwave activity, operating machinery or equipment, driving or any other potentially hazardous activities. This general disclaimer is not restricted or modified by any additional specific warnings or disclaimers.

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