"I gave it a try and man did it help"

We discovered NeuroSonica during an incredibly stressful time - we had moved to New Jersey from North Carolina to “circle the wagons” around our little family as my brother-in-law had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  My sister worked full-time while caring for him and tried to be mom & dad to their only child who deserved a nurturing, as-normal-as-possible upbringing in the midst of this hell. My wife became debilitatingly ill with something it took doctors 8 months to diagnose (mycotoxicity - she was allergic to the chestnut log cabin we were living in!)  She was in and out of the hospital on a monthly basis, doctors couldn’t help her and she was dying before my eyes. 

All the while, I was trying to be present & productive at work.  I wasn’t sleeping, loaded with anxiety.  If I got to sleep, I couldn’t stay asleep - vicious - my health was starting to fail. 

An Amazon search led me to NeuroSonica.  It was more expensive than the other products, but I liked what was written about it and I believe in the science behind it.  And, from a totally out-there perspective, I play the didgeridoo, am fascinated by the Australian Aboriginal culture & dreamtime, and have always wanted to go to Australia.  So, there ya go.  I gave it a try and man did it help.

I had not slept the night before and had just returned from a hike which had not helped dispel my intense anxiety and exhaustion.  One listen left me relaxed and sleepy.  It felt as if my brain had shifted - can’t describe it any other way.  Shortly thereafter, I purchased the N-Sleeper which has been a staple upon waking and going to bed ever since.  My family has a medical history of dementia/Alzheimers and I’m doing everything I can non-pharma related to ward that off.  Thus our latest purchase.  I’m 62, my wife is 58; we’re not going down the aging wormhole without a fight and NeuroSonica is prime in our arsenal.  Thank you for your wonderful products.  Thank you for approaching brain health, and ultimately whole-body health through this non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical approach.  It works.

R. A.  New Jersey



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