Governments and researchers worldwide acknowledge the unprecedented 'global epidemic' of stress and sleep related issues, their devastating impact on health, productivity and wellbeing, and the astronomical costs of related health care and lost productivity.

'WorkSmart' is a new initiative by NeuroSonica to help address the serious personal, social, and economic costs of chronic stress and sleep related issues to businesses, organisations, and institutions. 

While the underlying causes of workplace stress may be many and varied, the negative impacts of chronic stress and sleep issues in particular on daily performance, wellbeing, and resilience, are well documented and universal.

Despite moderate success from initiatives such as meditation and mindfulness training, stress levels amongst staff, students and employees worldwide continue to escalate, while sleep issues, if addressed at all, are mostly deferred to sleep hygiene tips and suggestions, or pharmaceutical intervention.

As a user-friendly mobile phone app, Sleep Solutions is well suited for self-care applications by offering on-demand, evidence-based assistance for the management of stress and sleep related issues. This, plus its additional benefits for cognitive function, help with tension headaches, emotional regulation and so on, suggests it may play a valuable role in the wellbeing and performance of students, employees, and other workplace personnel. 

Additional WorkSmart audio programs are currently under consideration.





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