The Science


SmartSound is a Medical Device

NeuroSonica SmartSound is included as a Class 1 Medical Device in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

Our ARTG listing means that:

  •  we are offering a regulated therapeutic audio technology that may produce a variety of evidence-based benefits and effects
  • we hold ample scientific evidence to support the medical claims we make for SmartSound

About SmartSound

NeuroSonica SmartSound is a multifunctional, broad-spectrum 'brain audio' format. It is currently delivered via mobile app.  It delivers a synergistic combination of evidence-based therapeutic sound techniques and processes to support a range of benefits and applications. The sound stimuli are embedded in immersive sound art, music and 3D soundscapes.

In the case of our first product release - Sleep Solutions - we hold adequate scientific evidence that it may assist in the management of:

• stress and mild anxiety
• insomnia and sleep quality
• mild pain
• tension headaches
• hypertension
• coronary health (HRV) and
• emotional regulation

SmartSound audio sessions may also assist with general wellbeing, resilience, and daily performance.

Beyond meeting the regulatory requirements of our instructions for use, statements of intended purpose, contraindications and so on, we do not give or imply medical or psychological advice or diagnosis of any kind. If symptoms persist, consult with your healthcare professional. 

For information about upcoming future products click HERE

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