Unlocking, Changing devices, Timeout, Renewing your App

To access the Full Sleep Solutions Suite - which includes three long sessions totaling just under 2 hours of play time - you need to enter a unique Unlock Code into the App. (Whereas the free Mini-D-Stress will work immediately on all installations).

Unlocking the App

The Full Sleep Solutions suite includes 3 long sessions, ReGen, D-Stress and Sleep Science.

To access these longer sessions you need to enter a unique Unlock Code into the App.

This could either be one you have purchased from NeuroSonica, or one you have been given because you are participating in an organisational trial of the App.

To enter an unlock code into the App, first click on the Unlock icon or on any of the Padlock icons on the Sleep Solutions page.
Once you enter the Unlock Code the icons alongside the audio session titles will change from padlocks to Play buttons, and you can then listen to them.
Changing devices
If you later wish to listen to Sleep Solutions on another device, simply install the App onto that second device, and then enter your same unlock code.  You will immediately be able to play all the sessions on that new device.  
Meanwhile, the sessions on the first  device will Re-lock within 24 hours.
In short, you can change devices at any time but Sleep Solutions will always play only on the most recently unlocked device.
Access timeout
If you have purchased your Unlock Code from NeuroSonica this code will usually program a time out for the App – for example, the audio sessions could be set to re-lock 366 days after the code is first used.
If you are part of a trial it is likely the App will time out after a shorter period such as 10, 21, 28 or 42 days.
After the timeout full access to the App can be renewed by purchasing and entering a new Unlock Code in the normal way.
Renewing your access
The App will give you warning of when your access to the sessions will time out. Once your access does time out the sessions will Re-lock. 
To renew your access and continue to use the full App, click on the Renew or Purchase message, or on the Unlock icon in the App, and follow the prompts to purchase and then enter a new code.
Troubleshooting:  Problem with code entry?
If you find that you cannot Re-unlock a previously used device because it no longer accepts your unlock code simply delete that installation of the app from your device, then reinstall it.  You should then have no problem with entering your valid code to unlock the Full sessions.






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