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Your free Mini-D-Stress

Hearing is Believing!



Free Mini

FREE on the Sleep Solutions with DeStress App





Your free Mini-D-Stress is powered by NeuroSonica SmartSound - a world first medical grade therapeutic audio for your Body, Brain and Mind.


You can use it to:

  • relieve stress, mild anxiety, and tension headaches
  • reduce workplace stress and improve study performance
  • support sleep preparation and promote mindfulness
  • assist recovery after sport or other exercise

and more


To experience your free  9 Minute Sample of the world's most advanced, multi-purpose therapeutic audio

Download your Mini-D-Stress session here:





Mini-D-Stress is a free 'Lite' sample session on the 2 hour Sleep Solutions App that you can use anytime, for life.

If you also want to experience the full-strength Sleep Solutions App for comprehensive, medical grade assistance for Stress, Sleep and Daily Wellbeing, then

  • on the Android version click 'Unlock' and follow the prompts to make your purchase
  • on the iOS version simply use the in-app purchase to buy your subscription  


Then, just enjoy these amazing sessions!


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