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 About Your Free Mini-D-Stress


Mini-D-Stress is a complimentary free session on the Sleep Solutions with DeStress mobile app.

Although only an introductory sample, Mini-D-Stress may promote tangible stress release and relaxation - with flow-on benefits and after-effects to improve your day.

Mini-D-Stress is multifunctional! You can use it for:

  • on demand help for stress - by quieting your limbic (emotional) system
  • a 'nano-nap' or 'recharge' for the workplace or elsewhere
  • help with tension headaches , sleep preparation at bedtime...and more

Mini-D-Stress is powered by SmartSound - our world first Medical audio technology included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (TGA).

But don't just listen once! Like all SmartSound, the power and effectiveness of Mini-D-Stress may increase significantly over time as your brain adjusts to the audio.*

For best effects you can also play it twice in a row - the second time with reversed earphones as explained in the instructions.

Important: Once you download and install Mini-D-Stress, please also download and read our comprehensive User Guide (PDF) to get the most out of your audio! There's a link for this on the App. The Guide can then be translated from our site if needed.

 Please Note: As a regulated medical product, responsible adult supervision for 13 - 18 year olds and other T&C's apply. You must digitally acknowledge your acceptance of these on the App before you can access the audio. Thanks!


  *Sound quality is very important to get the full benefits of SmartSound. Ideally, your gear should reproduce a good balance of very low (20Hz) to very high (20kHz) frequencies in a clear, crisp manner - if not, try some that do.


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