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Sleep Solutions:

A potentially disruptive  health technology


Sleep Solutions is a mobile app powered by SmartSoundTM - a world first therapeutic sound platform classified as a Class 1 Medical Device by a government health department. 

This new digital health and wellness technology may have significant and potentially disruptive applications for businesses, organisations and institutions.

As Sleep Solutions provides direct, evidence-based assistance to help in the management of stress, sleep, mild-anxiety, tension headaches and other issues, its use may significantly enhance workplace performance, resilience and wellbeing.

Such assistance does not require the need for workplace modifications, lifestyle changes, pharmaceuticals, ‘mindfulness’ meditation or other stress management techniques - though these may be used additionally if desired.

According to Harvard professor Clayton Christensen, a 'disruptive innovation' is not one that simply offers improvements to the normal way that something is done, perhaps by doing the same task faster, cheaper or more efficiently.  Disruptive innovation either opens up a whole new industry, or else radically transforms an existing industry.

As a potentially disruptive and social technology, Sleep Solutions may help

open a new domain in the global occupational health/wellness industry

bring new organizational players into the health/wellness field

introduce new employee health/wellness practices

shift the workplace health/wellness focus from treatment to prevention

Like any genuine breakthrough, a disruptive technology will only be widely adopted when it offers real solutions to long-standing, unsolved problems.  And for the contemporary workplace, finding and implementing effective, cost efficient employee stress and sleep management are just that.


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Stress, sleep and resilience:  major industrial concerns

Stress and sleep issues affect the wellbeing, health and performance of individuals worldwide.  And, they have far reaching consequences for enterprises, organisations and nations around the globe.

Worldwide, the personal, social and economic costs of work-related stress and poor or inadequate sleep continue to escalate - and are now estimated to exceed a trillion dollars per year in related health care costs and lost productivity.

Not surprisingly, many governments are now placing increasing demands on organisations to meet ever more stringent workplace health and safety regulations and to actively cultivate employee wellness and resilience in the workforce.

With regard to stress some small progress has been made by means of corporate ’mindfulness training’, meditation and similar approaches.  However, the evidence suggests that a great deal of long-term practice is typically required to yield results - and even then many struggle to achieve benefits. Also, in addition to the significant investment of time and expense in implementing this kind of training, it does not address the scale or urgency of the problem.

When it comes to the management of sleep, the story is even more bleak. For many years now the impact of poor quality or insufficient sleep has remained a problem that simply cannot be addressed AT ALL in the workplace - despite increasing education regarding its importance for health, wellbeing and performance. 

So there remains an urgent need for effective, efficient, affordable assistance for employee stress and sleep management - and ideally to provide that assistance discreetly and privately to help overcome any potential stigma or repercussions related to employee disclosure.

Sleep Solutions is the first and only evidence-based technology to offer assistance for many of the key challenges and concerns associated with the management of stress, sleep and resilience in the workforce.

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In addition to its immediate, direct benefits for individuals, Sleep Solutions has additional attributes favourable for its delivery and function within an organisational health and wellness context. 

In particular, Sleep Solutions:

• Is highly scalable

• works effectively regardless of socio-demographics

• can be distributed to all staff quickly, on any scale

 is easy and enjoyable to use – the audio is simply played as instructed

• provides stress reduction sessions ranging from 9 - 20 – 30 minutes for lunchbreaks etc, to a 60-minute sleep session for home/personal use

• is easy to implement and coordinate in-house

• can be used privately and discreetly as needed - avoiding stigma and/or workplace disclosure issues

• can be made very cost effective and is likely to have a high ROI

• may lead to significant possible savings in other areas, including days of absence, sick leave, corporate rehabilitation

 helps organisations to meet legal duty of care obligations

• may facilitate a positive wellness culture within the organisation

• fosters higher levels of productivity, creativity and output


These features support a network of interconnected problems ranging from technical and medical, to financial, governmental, legal, social and personal.

wave graphicRewriting the costings of healthcare at work 

As a Class 1 Medical Device, Sleep Solutions does not require medical diagnosis or prescription by healthcare professionals, face to face appointments or ongoing consultations. It is very simple to use and comes with full instructions. In addition, the support offered by this technology is on a permanent and ongoing daily basis.

In this way preventative assistance - and even a from of medical treatment - may be delivered without the high costs normally associated with medical or therapeutic practice, and with daily support rather than the weekly, fortnightly or even monthly support sessions normally associated with therapeutic consultations.

Should an individual using Sleep Solutions take just one day less of stress or sick leave each year this will likely more than return the cost of the technology.  If more days are saved, productivity increases to any degree, or if there are improvements in work culture and relations, resilience and individual wellbeing, then the ROI becomes significantly higher.

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Given these benefits and attributes, Sleep Solutions has the potential to

substantially transform existing industrial approaches to stress management in the workplace, and

found an entirely new industry that offers long overdue sleep assistance to workers 

This large scale disruption of current workplace health and safety practice is possible because Sleep Solutions  embodies the three criteria identified by Clayton Christensen as being essential for ‘disruptive innovation’.

First, Sleep Solutions is a new technology that can deliver evidence based medical effects, but which does not generally require medical supervision or medical diagnosis. It may also be the first ever medical device that can be transmitted and delivered to users via the internet.

Second, it embodies a new business model in which delivery costs are negligible, administrative requirements are minimal, distribution can be rapid and on any scale, no specialised medical expertise is required, and the intervention is mainly on the side of prevention rather than treatment.

Third, Sleep Solutions will attract what Christensen calls a new 'value network' - including collaborations with private and government HR departments, workers’ health and safety regulators, insurance companies, trade unions, community organisations, other health professionals such as physiotherapists or chiropractors, and of course doctors and health clinics.

Through this new value network a range of mainly non-medical players and organisations become the drivers of new and large scale workplace health/wellness initiatives - such that low cost and widespread corrections of stress and sleep issues may be achieved without having to depend on highly paid staff and protracted medical consultations.

These corrections may not only help prevent much more serious and expensive problems in the workforce in later years, but also assist with the building of a vibrant wellness culture in workplaces and organisationswave graphicSleep Solutions and general healthcare: a bigger picture?

Christensen has called for reforms of the broader health system, away from so much dependence on highly paid expertise toward greater emphasis on prevention and wellness rather than treatment and cure - and with new players driving changes based upon their own needs, priorities and bottom lines.

A central enabler of this change, he suggests, is the development of new medical technologies that can be supervised by lower paid, less specialised staff.

We are confident that Sleep Solutions will prove to be exactly this kind of technology.

It should also be noted that this technology has the potential to contribute (directly or indirectly) towards the management of other conditions or issues known to be caused or exacerbated by chronic stress or sleep problems.  

 These include:

  • Acne
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Emphysema
  • Fear of Flying
  • Gout
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Jet Lag
  • Menopause
  • Migraine
  • Obesity
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Perimenopause
  • Period Pain
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD
  • Restless Legs
  • Sciatica  

If Sleep Solutions was found to contribute, even to a minor degree, towards the managment of such conditions, then this would help relieve the burden placed on health care services and professionals while assisting individuals in the self-management of their conditions. Even a small global decrease in visits to healthcare professionals regarding these conditions per annum could save billions of dollars worldwide.

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Put Us to the Test!

As a new and unfamiliar technlogy we do not expect organisations to purchase Sleep Solutions on the basis of any claims or conjecture presented above. 

However, if your organisation is interested in discussing our technology further or trialling it in-house, at no cost or obligation, please contact us.

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