The Science


Beyond Belief

(Do I need to 'believe' to make it work?)

SmartSoundTM sessions are not ‘new age’, religious or spiritual – they are based on applied neuroscience and evidence-based neuro-acoustic technologies and principles, not pseudoscience or hype.

And, because they engage naturally occurring processes such as the 'relaxation response' automatically - without the need of additional techniques, they tend to work effectively for all, regardless of their beliefs, training and so on. 

So while it's perfectly fine to experiment or supplement them with your favourite meditation, breathing or other techniques if you wish, they will produce results regardless.

In this sense SmartSoundTM is literally 'beyond belief'.

You are welcome to try our free Mini-D-Stress session to experience SmartSoundTM for yourself.

(Coming soon as a mobile App).


NeuroSonica  -  Hearing is Believing!

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